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How to shave with a safety razor - girl's guide

How to shave your legs with a safety razor - Girl's guide to using a safety razor part 1

I recently switched to a safety razor in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic waste I was creating in the name of beauty. It was something I'd been thinking about for a while but had my reservations:

  • it seems dangerous / what if I slice my legs open / what if the kids somehow get a hold of it
  • it will be too tricky to use
  • safety razors are for men

...but I knew the benefits were greater:

  • less plastic waste means I'm doing my bit to preserve our plant and I'm saving money in the long run
  • cleaner / closer shave
  • less chance of ingrown hairs and irritations


So I took the plunge and did a search on Amazon for decent looking 'safety razors for women'. Happily there was a lot choice (as long as you love rose gold) and although I do like a bit of rose gold, I decided to drop the 'for women' part from my search and just looked at safety razors with 4+ star reviews.


How I picked my eco friendly safety razor

The brand I decided to go with is the Double Edge Safety Razor from Bambaw, I liked that the handle was made from bamboo and that it looked quite chunky and ergonomic.

Most of the safety razors 'for women' had very slender handles which I didn't think would give the best grip or control.

I love my safety razor!

When it arrived it came in a cardboard box so no plastic wrapping = first win! I immediately noticed how weighty it was in comparison to my disposable ladies razors, I wasn't sure how I was going to get on with it at first but I've been using it for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it.


But can you seriously use a man's safety razor if you're a woman?

Yes, of course you can. A razor is razor. It's tricky (but not impossible) to shave intimate areas with a safety razor purely because the razor head is so wide. However, for legs it's absolutely fine as long as your follow some simple steps...

How to shave your legs with a double edge safety razor

To safely shave your legs with a safety razor:

  1. Wash skin with warm water and a soften/cleansing body wash so the hairs are soft and skin is smooth, this will reduce the amount of friction so the blade glides effortlessly over the skin.

  2. Make sure you have plenty of 'slip' to further help minimise friction and get that smooth shave we all desire.

  3. Pull the skin taught with your free hand so your razor has a smooth ride.

  4. Aim to keep the blade at a 30 degree angle to the surface you're shaving.

  5. Don't push down but instead gently glide over the skin - remember the blade is razor sharp to you shouldn't need to apply pressure as this could cause friction and nicks.

  6. Use slow and steady, short strokes because the blade is SUPER sharp! You can not be slap-dash or in a rush when it comes to shaving with a safety razor. That said, one pass should suffice so it won't take you much longer to shave compared to a multiple blade disposable razor / razor head.

  7. Rinse the blade head after 1-3 passes.

  8. THINK SAFETY If you're doing this in a bath or shower remember to use a bath/shower mat for grip under foot.



Want to learn how to get a smooth shave with double edge safety razor?

I'm writing a post where I tested out different products to get that close shave for smooth legs [link coming soon].


And now it's over to you...

Have you made the switch? Would you or did you switch back to plastic. Or are you thinking about making the switch? Comment below.

Be inspired, choose ethical beauty
Chloe x


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