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  • | Bethany Austin

    How to cleanse your crystals

    Look after your crystals and they will look after you in return! Here's how to cleanse your stones so that you can use them to set intention after intention, without them losing their potency. 

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  • | Chloe Crisp

    3 steps to setting life changing intentions.

    Why is intention setting such a powerful tool and do people who set intentions have the ability to change their lives? View Post
  • | Chloe Crisp

    My top 7 ways to feel happier

    In this frantic world I find that sometimes it's hard to make time to do more of what makes me happy. Happiness can be found in simple everyday things that don't cost much or take too long to do, but can make a big difference to how you feel. Here's my list of 7 ways to feel happier now. View Post

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