3 steps to setting life changing intentions.

| Chloe Crisp

Why is intention setting such a powerful tool and do people who set intentions have the ability to change their lives?

Sowing seeds

I believe that setting intentions is a seed that sparks a mighty mindset shift that has the power to make a dramatic change.

The Oxford dictionary describes an intention as

“A thing intended; an aim or plan.”

Failure to plan

If you've ever heard the phrase “fail to plan, plan to fail” (like, who hasn’t?), then you can begin to understand why intention setting can be so powerful, even life changing!

So how can you set powerful intentions and why can they be so life changing?

Below I've outlined my 3 steps to intention setting. There are literally hundreds of ways you can utilise intentionality,  but this is a method that works for me - feel free to alter it to suit you!

How to set powerful intentions

Step 1. When to set your intention…

I find the best time to set a new intention is on a new moon.

Start the cycle

This is when the moon is at the start of its  cycle so it's the perfect visual aid for me to follow as it goes through its phases.

Also, the 28 day cycle of the moon waxing and then waning is an ideal length of time to create a new habit. It's not so short that I barely have time for bedding in, but also it's not so long that I start to feel defeated by the number of days head of me.

You can easily find out when the next new moon is in your location by the visiting the Time and Date website.

Or, if you're more of a tactile person who needs a visual reference pinned up, you can buy one of my handy postcard size moon phase calendars here. Want it right now? Instantly download an A4/letter size pdf from here.

Number of days

There are quite few options regarding the length of time, from my research and testing 28 days works well for me, but results can be achieved in 21 days. Some say it takes 40 days to make or break a habit. Go with what feels right for you. 

Step 2. How to set your intention…

I set the best intentions after I've allowed myself to zone out the daily grind. For me, this is after I meditate because it allows me to tune into my soul.

Want vs need

While meditating I can let my egotistical desires fizzle away leaving me to do some much needed soul searching when I ‘awake’. That's when I can tap into what I actually need rather than want.

But meditating is not for me!

That's like saying “sleep is not for me” or “chilling out is not for me”, everyone should practice the mindful breathing  meditation, this technique has been a game changer for me!

Your current newsreel of happiness!

Intentions should always be positive and in the now. Avoid stating intentions as “I need/want to… (find a job, earn more money, find a soulmate, lose weight) ”, this not only puts a lot of pressure on but also states a lacking (of money or confidence).

Also avoid putting parameters around intentions, such as “I must finish my renovations by xx because…” this is again highlighting lack and activating pressure.

The happy now

My best intentions sound more like positive affirmations written in the present tense, “I attract success and money - my new job fills me with joy; I am confident and full of vitality - people love doing activities with me; I am inspired and uplifted - my new space is a delight to live in”.

Make it meaningful

Also notice how I've added clarity and purpose, I didn't just ask for money and success, I tied it to a new job which brings joy.

Old fashion girl

I always address my intentions “Dear God…” and sign off with “Thank you, love Chloe x’. Feel free to replace God with something more appropriate for your beliefs such as “Dear Universe… ; Dear Higher self…” whatever works for you!

Where the magic happens

Present tense positive affirmations with clarity and purpose are the things that make intentions so powerful, they start a mindset shift that allows you to change your point of view and start seeing the  stepping stones to success!

Step 3. Where to set an intention…

I personally like to write my intentions down, like a letter, and pop them on my dressing table with a crystal top.

A love note to me

I put loving energy into my intention setting, I use a nice pen, preferably in a colour rather than the normal black or blue ink, and use special paper to write on or decorate the paper with little doodles.

Childlike curiosity

I know it sounds very girlie but it's this extra step of going all out with colour and musings, which helps create extra positive energy around my intention.

Crystal clear

Placing a crystal on top, whose meaning is in alignment with my intention, helps to amplify the energy and act as a visual reminder of my intention.

Set, release, repeat... 

So, I've set my intention, now what? Let it go, that's what! And trust the process, it has my best interests at heart, I just need to look out for my stepping stones to success - they may be in unexpected places! 

28 days later…

Once the 28 days are complete I evaluate how I've done, and if need be tweak and start again.

And now over to you

This is how I set my intentions, there is no wrong or right way, you simply do what feels intuitively right for you! Comment below and share your top tips...

Love and light
Chloe x


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