3 tips on how to nail the minimal boho look

3 tips on how to nail the minimal boho look

I love the bohemian look. It's romantic, free spirited and creative, all things I either consider myself to be or aspire to be. However, the truth is I'm not always romantic and being free spirited is not always achievable when you have 3 little ones. I am definitely creative though and am working on the other two.

Boho = Just keep stacking?

One thing I'm not a big fan of are the layers and layers of jewellery associated with the 'boho' look, a bold statement considering jewellery is my thing!

But seriously, stacks of rings on all fingers and toes, plus stacks of arm candy, topped off with a statement bib necklace can be a bit much, not to mention impractical when your youngest is only 18 months and full of beans (we nicked named him Blake Bean lol).

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, a true style icon and one of the few female fashion designers to make it big during the Art Deco period (even in the 1930s it was still considered unsuitable for a woman to design women's clothes! Crazy right), once famously said:

"before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory." 

I like to use this less is more ethos with my approach to bohemian style. You just want to add a few pieces that nod to the look and you nail it.

But what are the key pieces?

1. The Floaty Dress

Every boho babe needs a floaty dress, preferably a maxi one! I recommend opting for plain rather than printed. Yes the little floral sprigs on a flowery number are pretty but if you want to look effortlessly chic block colour is best. Here are my faves...

Hanamer Maxi dress

Hanamer's Nayeli Dress brings a royal goddess look. Made from silk cotton, modal blend with small shiny detailed dots, I fell in love the moment I saw it - enter the romantic vibe. It's currently on sale at £132.08 plus shipping.

Miko's Wardrobe Maxi dress

For a more affordable option there's this long line shirt dress from Miko's Wardrobe. The loose floatiness creates a relaxed yet smart vibe. A no brainer at only £25 plus shipping!

2. Vintage leather

I actually can't get enough when it comes to vintage leather bags and Loblan Cowboy boots (I confess to owning 3 pairs of Loblans now). The lived in look of vintage leathers is all part of the boho charm and a bag is an easy way to get that charm instantly. 

Vintage leather boots and bag

This true vintage bag has somewhat of a 90s grunge look about it but is still on the boho vibe. Available from my own Etsy Boutique at £24 plus shipping.

3. Spiritual style jewellery

I Love crystals, it's another thing that I can't get enough of ;)! What boho babe wouldn't be without a piece of moonstone, amethyst or the most revered stone of choice by bohemian souls: turquoise!

It may all sound a bit hippie stoner but the energy of crystals can really help to change your outlook on things. 

Statement quartz and tassel necklace

Crystals feature heavily in my creations. With my new collection I've opted for gold plated raw quartz points as seen here in my Finita statement necklace with tassels (tassels are another boho staple). A bargain at £34 plus shipping.

You can shop the Nature Bound collection here on my website, or at my Etsy Boutique.

So there you have it, my 3 steps to minimal boho style.

Love and Light

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