3 ways to bring balance to your root chakra

| Chloe Crisp

When your root energy centre is in balance you'll feel more grounded, stable and secure, as well as feeling in control of your health, wellbeing and money.

So what if you're not feeling super secure, or perhaps you feel a bit floaty, like life is just happening to you?

That means you'll benefit from doing a few things to help balance your root chakra which will help you feel more stable.

Are you ready to get balancing?

Let's dive in...

3 ways to bring balance to your root chakra


First up, let's check we know where our root chakra is and what it does...

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine in the region of the pelvic floor. It's represented by the colour red and the element earth. It governs our right to be here and its primary concern is of survival.

If your root chakra is out of balance then it will either be deficient and in-active due to avoidance, or it will be excessive and over-active due to compensating for something lacking in your life.


How to use your root chakra to feel more grounded


Techniques for helping you return balance to the root chakra


1. Colour therapy

Try wearing red clothing such as a red top. My favourite way to wear a splash of colour is with a shawl because it's simple to add to any outfit and it's relatively inexpensive. You could even have a shawl for each chakra colour! A top or a shawl is really effective because it's within your peripheral vision so you'll definitely see it all day.

You could also try adding some red flowers into your environment, that pop of colour from nature will help to activate the root chakra and ground you.


2. Element healing

The root chakra is linked to the element earth so spend some time walking barefoot through grass or sand. Spending time in nature is a perfect way to ground yourself - shoes are optional ;-)


3. Crystal healing

Red, brown and black crystals are usually linked to the root chakra. Work with garnet, red jasper or even black tourmaline to help you feel more grounded and protected.

Jewellery featuring crystals is a great way to wear your intention to balance and activate the root chakra. Check out Keshinomi's crystal jewellery for protection and grounding for some ideas on what crystals you could work.


Here are some customer favourites for grounding and protection


Need a little extra help?

Hopefully the 3 techniques above will be enough for you to start feeling more grounded. However, I know there will be some of you who love these techniques but want (or need) a few more, so for you guys I have something extra special: The Keshinomi Root Chakra Workbook.

root chakra workbook


After completing the workbook, you'll:

  • Know how to bring your awareness into your body so can assess the state of your root chakra.
  • Understand whether your root chakra is balanced, deficient or excessive.
  • Get 2 extra techniques to help bring your root chakra into balance.
  • Plus more!

For a limited time the Root Chakra Workbook is a completely FREE resource, available for you to download instantly and get to work now.

I'll like a copy please!

If you tried some of these techniques I'd love to know how you got on so comment below.

As always be inspired and wear your intention.
Chloe x


  • Posted by Julie on

    I love the tip about the scarves, such an easy and quick way to use colour therapy for chakra healing, i even just order 3 scarves to get started! Thanks Chloe xx

  • Posted by Thao on

    I just ordered the garnet chakra bracelet after completing the workbook, my root chakra is definitely out of sync! Can’t wait to get it back on track!

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