3 Healing crystals for self love

| Chloe Crisp

With Valentine's Day tomorrow I thought it would be good to do a post about crystals for self love.


Rose quartz watercolour

1 Rose Quartz

This really is a super star when it comes to love in all its varieties, from romantic love to mother's love, from friendship love to love for yourself. 

Rose quartz's vibes are all about compassion and tenderness, it reminds you let love flow unconditionally, after all if you want to receive love then you better be sure you're ready to be love and give love!

I keep rose quartz by my bed and I have a fab top tip for couples: keep a pair of rose quartz crystals in the bedroom to create balance and symbolise partnership.

Rose quartz is also a great beauty tool, especially as a facial roller or you can improvise with a smooth tumble or palm stone. Use it to massage in your facial oil or moisturiser and boost your skin with lots of beautiful loving vibes.


Rhodonite watercolour

2 Rhodonite

This is my go to stone for healing - heart healing, skin healing, boundary healing.

Okay, so not strictly about love but if you're experience heartbreak - whether it's from a romantic break-up, losing a loved one or immense life changes, then Rhodonite is your rescue stone. It will help you to compassionately release the stress and negative energy that's created by heartbreak so that self love can flow again.


Rainbow moonstone

3 Rainbow Moonstone

If you're looking for the self love of female empowerment then look no further than Rainbow Moonstone, this crystal has it by the artisan wicker basket load!

Rainbow moonstone is linked to the magic of the moon energies and is great for reminding you to trust your inner wisdom. It's also a very soothing crystal especially in relation to the menstrual cycle - keep your moonstone near when you know PMT is ready strike as this crystal may help to balance out the surge of hormones.


Raise your love vibe

Here are few of my favourite pieces from Keshinomi that will help raise your self love.



Need more inspo?

From peridot to pink opal, there are plenty of other crystals to choose from when it comes to amping up the heart chakra energy. Check out all products tagged love <3

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