My top 7 ways to feel happier

My top 7 ways to feel happier

In this modern, hectic world I find that sometimes I get so busy in the ‘doing mode’ that I forget to be happy.

Face like a smacked bum
I don't mean that I walk around with a face like a wet weekend, but rather I get so caught up with my to do list that I don't ‘stop to smell the roses’, or in other words - appreciate the small things. 

So it got me thinking…
Should a daily ‘happy list’ become part of my daily ‘to do list’ and what would I even include on that list?

Had your daily happy fix yet?
It seems so obvious to have a daily happy to do list but how many people actually include things that bring them joy as part of their daily chores?

7 ways to feel happier

Let's get it on
So I gave myself a time out to sit and think about actions I could incorporate into my day that bring me happiness:

1 Smile and laugh lots
The simple action of turning the corners of my lips up not only lights up my face but lights up my soul and attracts good things to me (no one wants to approach the mama with a cross grimace). Also, laughing is especially good for the body and soul as it releases endorphins - feel good brain chemicals that can relieve pain and reduce stress.

2 Quiet time
On the mornings where I get up at least 40 mins before everyone else I tend to feel better because I've fill up my tank with some well needed me time. Unlike evening quiet time after the kids have gone to bed when I'm usually so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, this morning quiet time finds me feeling refreshed and ready for some inspired action.

3 Out in nature
Going for a walk by trees and if possible water too, even for just 15 minutes helps me to feel psychologically restored. By connecting with nature I'm pausing the daily grind autopilot and activating relaxation mode, which helps me to think clearly and restores my vitality and creativity.

4 Daily gratitude
Counting my bless always makes me feel good because it gives me a chance to appreciate all the great things in my life. These good vibes activate something in my brain which actually helps me look for the good in everything - even in less than perfect situations I always try to find the positive lesson.

5 Positive affirmation
When I catch the negative self talk yapping in my head I acknowledge it by quickly unpacking why I might be thinking those things before swiftly replacing it with a positive affirmation.

6 Mindful breathing
I find that taking a few deep breaths before settling into a steady normal breathing cycle, where I try to focus just on the breath, helps to clear my mind. Obviously thoughts wander in but I simply notice them, without judgement, then refocus back to the breath. Some days it feels like I refocus a hundred times but I stick with it because the more regularly I practice the mindful breathing meditation the easier it becomes.

7 Plant based diet
Eating fresh fruit and veg doesn't just feed my body but it feeds my soul, I find it hard to be sad when I'm biting into a juicy pink grapefruit or noshing a colourful bowl of leafy salad! Plus, eating plenty of fruit and veg not only helps you feel more healthy and energised, it may also reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease and high blood pressure.

Schedule happy time and make it a non-negotiable
It's easy to say “I don't have time to mediate” or “I can't just take off for a walk” but can you seriously afford not to? When it comes to your mental health and wellbeing making time to complete tasks on your happy to do list should be a non-negotiable.

The Happy To Do List

Download your free Happy to do list
I created myself a happy to do list chart which helps remind me to fill up my good vibes tank every day. I'm now sharing it with you as a free downloadable, which you can print out, to serve as a reminder to incorporate tasks that bring happiness into your day.

Love and light
Chloe x

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