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Each for Equal

Each for Equal

International Women's Day is on March 8th 2020, and the campaign theme this year is #EachforEqual

Which got me thinking... am I doing a good job of teaching my kids about equality?

I have 2 girls and 1 boy, my hope is that they grow up to form a new generation that understands the importance of input from both masculine and feminine energies. But what does that really mean and how do you even achieve that?


Each for Equal, International Women's Day 


One of the guys?

Before Keshinomi I was web developer for over a decade (very male dominated industry), I did enjoy my career but I soon found that constantly being in my masculine energy was actually depleting me rather than empowering me!

So now I'm doing the best I can to re-balance my energies, the yin and yang, sun and moon, nurturer and provider. Not easy when you've spent such a long time immersed in one over the other.


Contrasting ends of the same constant

Each for Equal, for me at least, is a reminder that we are each equally feminine and masculine, you can't have one without the other because they are contrasting ends of the same constant - gender, as well as chi - the life force or energy that exists internally and externally.

My hope is that my children see and honour both the contrasting energies within them because they see and learn from my actions as well as my husband's (women can also be providers and it's okay for men to show emotion). 


Rebalancing energy

However, when I spend too much time immersed in my masculine energy I lose touch with my nurturing feminine side, I notice that my temperament is more forceful rather than playful, my 'edges' are harder or harsher.


Into Serenity bracelet stack - Eagle pose yoga 


Time to get 'woo-woo'

When I notice that happening I get back in touch with the moon phases. I take a full or new moon bath, depending on where the lunar cycle is, I add sprigs of fresh rosemary, lavender essential oil, rose quartz and moonstone as well as pink Himalayan salt to nourish my skin as well as my as soul with love, compassion and feminine energies. I'll light candles and burn sandalwood incense which is great for calming the mind and balancing emotions.

My favourite thing is to pull the plug but stay in the bath as the water drains, I imagine the energy that no longer serves me being pull from my biofield and sucked away, like a deep aura cleanse.


That's why I do what I do... 

That's why it's so important that the pieces I create resonate with women (and a few men) who feel that imbalance, not just in their yin/yang energy, but all facets of their life and wellbeing.

Each piece of Keshinomi jewellery is a reminder, a rekindling of something lost or forgotten, a chance to get back to a place of balance, in joy, confidence, peace, love.

The Into Serenity Collection is based on exactly that reconnection.


How do you equalise your energy and what does #EachforEqual mean for you? Comment below...

Chloe x

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