Fast food: carrot and asparagus warm salad

| Chloe Crisp

Nourishment for the soul

How can you not feel joyful when you nourish your body with simply prepared fresh veggies 😛

This salad is so quick and tasty you should definitely give it a go, here's how to make it...

Carrot and asparagus salad

The salad:

  • rocket, lambs lettuce and baby leaf spinach
  • spiralised carrots (very lightly steamed for about 6 minutes, with dry seasoning: a tomato, garlic and chilli mix)
  • home grown asparagus, oven baked for about 20 minutes (wrapped in foil with a dash of water, cold pressed oil and seasoning)
  • served with chia seeds for a protein hit

What's your fave summer salad? 💁🏽 Comment below

Happy Saturday  😋

Chloe x

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