February's Birthstone - Amethyst

| Chloe Crisp

Amethyst has the most amazing vibes of enlightenment that are both uplifting and calming.

I like to pop small pieces of amethyst under my daughter's pillow to help promote a calm and restful night sleep, I find a little trinket of amethyst and chrysoprase help to soothe her dreams into to pleasant ones.



A must have crystal

Amethyst is definitely an essential crystal, it's protective and cleansing energy makes it perfect of anyone who has just moved into a new home.

Amethyst is also a sobering crystal, if you want to avoid overindulgence or suffer from addictive tendencies then this is the stone for you.

Amethyst, February Birthstone

Sahaswara chakra

The crown chakra, known as the Sahaswara chakra in Sanskrit (which translates as the "thousand petal lotus"), is located at the crown of the head and is linked with amethyst.

This chakra is your connection to divine and your higher self which makes amethyst the perfect partner for accessing higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

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