Mompreneur rising in a gig economy - the reality of juggling 2 roles while not losing your sh*t

| Chloe Crisp

The rise of the mompreneur has been pretty epic over the last couple decades. Aside from the fact that mothers have always had entrepreneurial talents since the dawn of time, it seems that the past decade has seen an explosion of mothers taking the role of motherhood and juggling it with solopreneurship.


Going solo

Whether it's thanks to the USA bringing direct selling to the masses or the fact that the traditional corporate 9 to 5 offers zero flexibility (although they do a great job at feigning it), mothers in their droves are diving into the ups and downs of being a work from home mum.


Chasing pipe dreams

However, there's a slight problem with chasing the dream of freedom and flexibility. It comes at the cost of balance. Now some might disagree with me here, but in some respects the traditional 9 to 5 offers more balance because it's much easier to leave work at work when 5pm rolls around.


Mompreneur rising in a gig economy 

Balance is BS

When you're a solopreneur, regardless of your gender or number of children status, it's incredibly hard to have designated 'work time'. When the only person in your business is you, you can easily fall into the trap of getting stuck in your own head, never able to fully switch off and chill. 

And even if you do manage to switch off and chill or spend quality time with the kids you feel guilty because there never seems to be an equal balance between work time / family time / me time.


Just give up now?

I'm here to tell you balance is utter BS, so if you've unfortunately been striving for it, STOP right now. 

Does that mean you should shelf your dream of pursuing your passion? Heck no! I've got you girl...


Searching for the elusive balance?
Do this instead...

1 Be productive
2 Learn to prioritise
3 Live in the moment

So let's break this down and see what these three tips really mean and how you can achieve them.

 How to fake balance when you're a mumpreneur

1 Be productive with block scheduling and alarms

I know you're probably rolling your eyes but block scheduling and alarms really do work. Jordan Page has an awesome video on YouTube about block scheduling and how this hack can be life changing. She also has a free, printable schedule for you to download. I did it and I have to say it's been pretty epic at helping me get more done.


2 Learn to prioritise with the 4 quadrants

I came across this technique about 20 years ago when I read Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In his book I was introduce to the concept of the 4 quadrants where you learn to prioritise your day based on whether tasks are:

  • Urgent and important
  • Not urgent but important
  • Not important but urgent
  • Not important and not urgent

Just draw out your grid using the diagram below for reference and pop your daily to-do tasks into one of the 4 quadrants, anything that falls into the not urgent and not important quadrant learn to drop it like it's hot.

IMPORTANT Urgent and important Not urgent but important
NOT IMPORTANT Not important but urgent Not important and not urgent


3 Live in the moment with daily gratitude

Making a daily gratitude list is a powerful way to increase your well being because it helps you to focus solely on the things that brought you joy during the day.

I found this to be a great method for elevating my mood, plus it makes it much easier to live in the moment instead of worrying about the future or feeling depressed about the past.

I couldn't leave this tip without giving you another FREE useful tool, so I've decided to share my Daily Gratitude List, which is from The Keshinomi Intention Setting Workbook.


28 days of gratitude free printable


So that's it, my whistle stop tour of how to juggle mompreneurship with motherhood while not losing your sh*t.


Nobody's perfect

While I don't nail these tips 100% every single day, knowing them and working on them has given me far more 'balance'. So please don't think I'm Ms Perfect who has her sh*t together, instead think of me as your guide on the side, cheering you on with useful tips that can make your life a little easier.


And now it's over to you, did any of these tips give you an epiphany?
Comment below.

Be inspired, set intentions, pursue your passion
Chloe x


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