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Buying gifts can be such a minefield sometimes. Even when you know the person well it can occasionally feel like you've hit a roadblock when it comes to fresh gift ideas. 

If the person you're gifting to has a hobby or interest that can certain help to narrow down the selection. That's why I can up with Keshinomi Wish Gems - the perfect little gifts that can double as a greetings card.

Keshinomi Wish Gems - Wish Bracelets

So here's my selection wish bracelets from the Keshinomi Wish Gems collection. Perfect for yoga lovers and spiritual warriors alike.

Rose quartz and organic hemp wish bracelet

Organic Hemp

Not only do these bracelets feature a small crystal gemstone strung on to organic hemp, but the hemp thread has been dyed with eco-friendly dyes. Available in 8 colours/crystals which you can match to each chakra. 

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Wish bracelets with crystal gemstone stacks

Gemstone stacks

These wish bracelets have a small stack of crystal chip beads - each stack is hand selected for perfect balance and harmony.

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Need more inspo?

Why give a card with a badge which will most likely end up in the bin the very next day? Instead you can give a card with wish bracelet which your yoga loving bestie/wife/girlfriend/sister/mama can wear forever, or until they get a new bracelet ;) Shop the wish gems yoga bracelets

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