Do crystals really work?

| Chloe Crisp

Heather Askinosie answers this question the best. When asked “do crystals work?”, she simply responds with “for me they do”.

Got to love a short answer!
She does give further rationale, but the reason why I love the short n sweet part of her response so much is that it is succinct and to the point.

We all experience the world in our own unique way…
Heather’s answer clearly defines that each person will have their own unique experiences, that we all have our own set of beliefs, and what works for one person may not be effective for another.

A crystal works like a tool - it does nothing until you pick it up!
For me crystals also ‘work’. I like to think of them as tools. Just like a pen is a tool, it’s not going to write your first novel by itself. However, when you pick it up and start using it to get the thoughts and ideas out from your head and onto paper, then it becomes something magical. It becomes a tool that allows you to share your knowledge and inspire others.

Unlocking my super power
Crystals are very much the same as our humble pen. They're not magical beings that can fix my problems, they are tools that, if used correctly, can help me unlock my power!

Picking the right tool for the job…
So if a crystal is a tool then it's important to pick the right tool for the job, I'm sure you wouldn't use a screwdriver to hammer a nail? Would you? No shade if you have, we all have the occasional improv moment :D

How and why crystals work

Engaging third eye and sacral chakras
I pick my crystals based on intuition and my gut feeling as follows:

  • When browsing through my crystal books do my eyes linger on a particular page?
  • When I cross reference the meaning of that crystal does it instantly resonate with something that I'm currently working on or struggling with?
  • Alternatively if there is something I need healing or encouragement for, I will look up which crystals are best to work with then pick the one I feel most drawn to.
  • When I hold the crystal in my hand do I feel a connection to it? Does it make me feel warm and fuzzy, or do I get the sense of ‘not this crystal - yet’?

Date night with a crystal
When I get a new crystal I make time to connect with it. I cleanse the crystal first, then, when the time feels right and I sense the crystal wants to connect with me I hold it in the open palm of my hand. I spend time mindfully observing it with curiosity and wonder. I look at every little detail: the colour, clarity, texture.

Third eye vision
I close my palm and hold the crystal while mindfully breathing and meditating. Then I try to ‘open my third eye’ to see if there is anything the crystal wants to share with me.

Bad case of woowoo-i-tus
Okay, so I realise my crystal date night sounds a bit mad to the uninitiated, but it's really a chance for me to tap into a subconscious part my brain. To let the ego of the higher brain take a timeout so my spiritual soul and intuition can guide me.

Spiritual flexing
It takes practice to quieten the rational brain, and sometimes I can't always connect with my crystal. But when I do it's such an insightful experience, it gives me a moment to feel my soul’s spirit and listen to what my mind and body needs.

Write it down, make it happen
Once I've ‘downloaded’ the info I needed, I write it down. This is also a great time to write down an intention and back it up with a positive affirmation.

Let's get intentional
Just like getting physical and being regularly active keeps your body fit and healthy, getting intentional helps keep your goals on track!

With that in mind I decided create a series of crystal intention cards and positive affirmations that accompany my hemp and crystal bracelets. These cards are designed to make it easier to use crystals as tool for unlocking your potential.

So crystals do work, for me.
Because I'm ready to put the work in and use them as tools, crystals ultimately do work for me. And they can work for you to!

I've spent time creating an easy way for you to work with crystals. You just need to decide which aspect of your life needs spiritual guidance…

Find your mindful moment with crystal jewellery

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