How to cleanse your crystals

| Bethany Austin

If you've found yourself on this corner of the internet, you probably already utilise, or are at least exploring, the power of crystals to help you in your everyday life. When it comes to setting intentions, I'm a huge advocate for using crystals as both a way to remind me of my end goal and to help me along the way. Whether it's citrine for attracting abundance, clear quartz for finding clarity or (my favourite) amethyst for harnessing intuition, I dip into my crystal collection whenever I set a new life objective.

But what happens when we do achieve that intention or when we decide to let it go and allow the universe to work its magic? For example, if you've been using one of Keshinomi's Wish Gem bracelets and cut the cord after 21 days to symbolise releasing that which doesn't serve you, what happens to the crystals that are left behind?

The good news is that they don't just "switch off" once they've helped you. When treated well their power is limitless, and they can be used to assist you in achieving intention after intention without losing their potency. The key is learning how to cleanse them. Whilst some crystals can be understood as a sponge, soaking up negative energy, others can be seen as a filter, attracting specific types of energy to you. Either way, they all need to be cleaned out once in a while, especially when they're used with the level of intensity that comes with intention setting.

There are tonnes of ways to cleanse your collection. And don't worry, many of them either don't require equipment or only need things that you'd find around the house.


Smudging an amethyst crystal


Salt is an easy to get hold of ingredient that is thought to absorb the negative energy from crystals. It can be used in three ways: Dry, absorbed in water or through a non-direct method.

To use dry salt, simply fill a glass and place your crystal directly in it. Use your intuition to decide how long to leave them, depending on how much you've worked with your crystals or what you've used them for. Just remember to rinse them under running water to get rid of any excess salt when you're done.

Salt water can either be made using basic tap water with salt mixed in or, if you live near to the coast, you can use sea water. This is considered one of the most thorough ways to cleanse your crystals and many people will leave them overnight in their solution. Bear in mind that you should flush your salt water away straight afterwards and never reuse it, since it has absorbed all of the excess energy from your crystal.

Salt is not compatible with all crystals, so be sure to check whether it would damage the one that you're looking to cleanse before doing so. For example, don't use the above methods for any raw stones. Instead, opt for non-contact salt cleansing where you bury a container with your crystal inside under salt. 


Probably the safest and most accessible way to cleanse your crystals, visualisation is something that anybody can do. However, it might take some practice to feel totally comfortable!

Simply hold the crystal between your hands, visualising it filling with a healing, pink light. Ask for the crystal to be cleansed, either in your head or out loud, whilst imaging the impurities being replaced by white light. Do so until you visualize the crystal emanating a bright white light all over.


Sound waves are a powerful form of energy that, just like crystals, vibrate at different frequencies. Anything that emits vibrato - drumming, singing bowls, bells, chanting, gongs - are thought to have deeply cleansing properties. Passing the stones through the sound waves will help to remove impurities.

A simple way to use sound is chanting, since it requires no fancy equipment! Either repeat a phrase related to cleansing and getting rid of negativity or stick with a classic "mmmm" sound.


Water is the ultimate cleanser and something that most of us can get hold of easily.

Fill a bowl with water from a tap, rain water or sea water and slowly put your stones in the bowl whilst imagining them being cleansed of their impurities. Use your intuition to decide how long they should stay in there: Stones that have been used consistently for several days in a row may need a whole night, others that have only been used briefly may only need a few minutes. Trust yourself to make that decision.

If you're looking for a quick cleanse, running your stone under the tap is a great option.

Be aware that certain crystals are not compatible with water including selenite, tourmaline and pink Himalayan stones. Always check before using this method.


Other crystals 
For crystal lovers on the go, storing your stones on top of or touching other crystals with cleansing properties is ideal. The three crystals most frequently considered to be suited to this purpose are selenite, clear quartz and carnelian.

I personally try to store my crystals with one of these stones at all times but like to do a deeper cleanse relatively regularly.


One of my favourite methods for cleansing, be that my crystals, my home or myself, is the burning of herbs. Rosemary, rose, peppermint and, of course, sage, are thought to be extremely purifying. Simply light the herbs and blow out the flame, running its smoke over the item you wish to cleanse.

Whilst white sage, palo santo and rose wood are items that have recently gained popularity, I wouldn't recommend opting for these choices for two reasons. Firstly, the plants are being over-harvested, which has the potential to lead to extinction. Secondly, these items are sacred in a variety of other cultures who have been using them for generations. Through appropriating the use of these herbs, mass harvesting them and potentially putting them in danger, we are harming the rituals and practices of these other cultures for our gain.

There are plenty of other options for growing your own herbs, particularly sage, and drying them yourself. I find that using homegrown herbs also makes me feel more connected to my rituals.


Tips on how to cleanse your crystals


Experiment with any of these methods that speak to you and find what feels right for your stones. We'd love to see pictures of you cleansing your Keshinomi jewellery or using these methods on your other crystals, so be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

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