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| Chloe Crisp

I recently joined a help/support private Facebook group for Etsy UK sellers. A question that popped up was tips on how to get your new shop found for newbies about to open a shop, this prompted me to share a few of my insghts...

My top 3 tips for newbie Etsy sellers

There is so much info I could give, but I think these 3 tips are probably the most important in terms of driving views to your new shop and products.

1: Never launch on a Friday 

Launch on a Thursday. On Fridays people are thinking about the weekend and will have forgotten you by Monday!

2: Get social way before you open

Starting build buzz on social media 2-4 weeks prior to your planned launch date. Share sneak peeks or product close ups if you don't want reveal too much. You need to start building your tribe very early on, that way you can get to know their likes and be a bigger hit by tailoring your products to what they actually want. 

I would even go as far as saying 2-4 weeks is a little too light, if you have time a 2-4 month social media drive would be best. It shouldn't be just sharing pictures of your products, I try to fellow the 'give, give, take' method, e.g. 2 thirds of my post should NOT be of my products! Rather they should relate to things my tribe are in to.

3: A full shop gets found

Etsy say to have about 12 products to open with, but for best results (in terms of traffic from Etsy) I have found that at least 24-48 listings does best (I have 3 etsy shops so have tested this). If this is not possible then see if you can bundle products to make a 'deluxe gift set' or if items come in different colours list them separately instead of using product variations on one listing. If you do seperate your product variations into individual listings then in the listings' descriptions link to a 'search shop' or 'shop section' page so visitors can easily see the full range of product options. 

It's probably good to 'activate' 12 listings on your launch day, then 'activate' 1-2 listings every day until all your listings are active. This amount of activity in your shop helps to push your listings higher up the search results page.

BONUS TIP: Don't title your products with a product name (e.g. 'The Golden Sunflower Child' :D) title your products for SEO!

Ask yourself: 'What terms might someone type into Etsy to find a product like mine?' Make a list of phrases that you think people might use. Clue: it's not 'The Golden Sunflower Child' lol! Then type those phrases into the Etsy search and see what happens, what suggestions does it offer up, does your phrase turn up in the suggestion list (this is a list of popular search terms that users are using), how many results are found (this is your amount of competition!), what's the price spread like?

I could write an essay on Etsy SEO as there are so many things you should do and can try, but I'll save it for another post - watch this space!

In the mean time I found this super helpful post from a fellow Etsy seller OrangeTwig:

Love and Light

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