How to harness crystal energy within your skincare routine

| Bethany Austin

Want to know a secret? 

Until about a year ago I totally wasn’t a skincare person. Trust me, I tried to be. I bought the products, read the blog posts and I set myself the resolution at the beginning of every single new week to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. More often than not though, I would wake up with yesterday’s makeup smeared across my face! 

My Skincare Enlightenment

Fast forward 12 months, and even just writing about that makes me shudder. In fact, these days, there’s little I love more than looking after my skin. It’s become such a massive part of my self-care routine that being without it is unimaginable.

However - and this is the shocking bit - it wasn’t the improvements in my skin that made me become besties with skincare. Whilst that was a huge bonus, it was actually the routine aspect of it that got me hooked: The act of showing myself some love every morning and night. So, I suppose ultimately it was the improvements in my mental state that made me say, “hey, maybe this isn’t such a gigantic pain, after all!”

Skincare is Self Care

Now I try to make my morning and night-time routines as full of acts of self-love as possible, including within my skincare. That means everything from taking the time to gently rub in my products, as opposed to rushing through each step, to utilising crystals that have meaning to me.

Jade facial roller, citrine and amethyst

Whether or not you believe in the healing and manifesting powers of crystals - and the fact that this energy could influence your skin positively - there’s no denying that being more mindful is only a positive thing. Using crystals intentionally in my skincare routine makes me slow down and add a little bit of thoughtfulness to the start and end of every day.

And we could all do with a boost of self-care, right?

Crystal facial rollers

One of my favourite ways to utilise crystals is through facial rolling.

If you’ve been living under a rock (excuse the pun!) and haven’t heard of it before, facial rolling originated in ancient China, but has recently grown in popularity on this side of the globe. Essentially, a facial roller is a beauty tool that has a smooth, rounded crystal on one or both ends, which you rub across the skin on your face. They’re said to help in a number of incredible ways, from increasing elasticity and boosting collagen, to reducing puffiness through promoting lymphatic drainage.

If none of that sells it to you though, they feel absolutely incredible to use, too. I keep mine in the fridge to make it extra soothing.

Whilst they can be made out of loads of different types of crystals, jade and rose quartz rollers are certainly the most popular. I personally use the former of those two, as jade promotes wellbeing and prosperity. So, it leaves me feeling ready to take on the day and make it a success. However, rose quartz is definitely a great option for promoting self-love and giving you and your skin a real treat.

Gua Sha Facials

A slightly newer trend to hit the beauty world here in the UK, gua sha is another technique that originated in South-East Asia and China. It’s a form of massage that is often used on the body, but can also be used in a more gentle way on the face to boost blood circulation and, again, promote lymphatic drainage.

Usually, the tool used is a flat, smooth crystal that acts as a kind of skin scraper. The tool is rubbed over the facial and neck skin in slow, thoughtful and repetitive motions.

However, if you do decide to try a gua sha facial on yourself instead of going to a professional, make sure you know how to do one properly without damaging the skin. I would recommend this video.

Crystal elixirs/beauty waters

Now it’s time to get intentional!

Whilst the physical benefits of crystals are incredible, as I said, it’s the mental benefits that I’m a huge fan of. So, I love creating crystal elixirs with specific intentions in mind, which I then incorporate into my skincare in various ways.

By infusing water with the energies of any crystals, you are able to harness their power in a super simple way. Here’s how.

  1. Decide on an intention - anything from attracting love, monetary abundance or confidence!
  2. Hold the crystal or crystals in your hand and repeat that intention out loud.
  3. Place the crystals in a bowl, glass or pot of filtered water. However, make sure that the stones you are using are water compatible beforehand. Then simply allow your crystals to moonbathe or sunbathe in the water for 30 minutes or more.
  4. Remove the crystals from your water. You'll now have a liquid that has been charged with your intention, ready to be used in your beauty regime.

    Utilising the crystal water can simply be a case of spraying or splashing it onto your face, whilst keeping your intention close at mind.

    Another great option is to make a mask with it: Get yourself any kind of powdered face mask (I love Aztec healing clay) and mix in your water to create the necessary consistency before applying.

    Finally, you could even mix in a few drops of the water with your facial oil, to add a little bit more mindfulness into your morning massage.

    Crystal facials

    Crystal facials - whilst they certainly don’t look like your average form a “skin care” - are a brilliant way to connect with your crystals and take a mindful few minutes. They are also often referred to as “crystal facial grids”, whereby crystals are chosen based on their energetic properties and the user’s personal needs and then placed on the face.

    Of course, that means lying down, making the “facial” more into a meditation session.

    Whilst there is lots of great info online about the types of crystals to use and where to place them for best results, this method could even just mean taking a single crystal and placing it on one part of the face whilst meditating. Some ideas include using blue lace agate between your brows to relieve anxiety and tension, or placing clear quartz on your forehead to promote clarity of mind.

    Some people even recommend placing the crystals on top of a sheet mask for extra moisturizing goodness!


    Are you planning to use any of these crystal goodies in your skincare routine now? If you do, we'd love to see! Simply tag us in on an Instagram post or story @Keshinomi

    Stay in your magic, 

    Bethany x

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