How to let go of stress, plus guided meditation to release tension

3 practical ways to let go of tension - plus a guided meditation to release stress

It's summer break, I have 3 kids who are apparently 'bored', I'm juggling order fulfillment while trying to keep them entertained, and doing my best not to lose my cool.


So how do I keep cool during the long, hot (yeah right, let's be real I'm in the UK), summer break? With 3 practical ways to let go of tension, that's how - let's take a look...


1. No lazing in

Just because I work for myself from home AND there's no school run to scramble for doesn't mean I'm going to lazy around in bed.

I've still been getting up early and sticking to my routine of drinking a pint of water, meditating, reading my daily devotional and doing some stretching such as Sun Salutation A.

I know I can't keep my cool and let go of tension easily if I haven't had that quiet, morning me time - it's a non-negotiable.

My top tip is to set your morning alarm to go off at least 40 minutes before everyone else normally gets up, I find that's just enough time to do all my self care activities in peace.


2. Getting outside

I don't know what it is about being out in nature that just instantly resets the soul. I feel calmer and the kids seem less full on when we've spent time at the local play area or gone for a walk through the woods.

A recent study found that spending just 20 minutes in 'green spaces' such as parks or woodland is enough to improve your overall satisfaction with life!

So to stop tensions from being strained get your butts outside for some fresh air and forest bathing.


Enjoying time outside with the family so we can all feel calmer


3. A time out

It's probably not the 'time out' you're thinking of as it doesn't involve making one or more of my kids sit on the 'naughty step' (we don't have one in our house btw).

Instead it's a time out for me! I'm lucky enough to have an awesome mama who had the kids for 5 nights which was epic. Sleepovers at Nanny's or Grandma's are not just a treat for me but for the kids too. They get a break away from boring mummy while also being a little bit spoilt with goodies.

Even if a friend or relative takes your kids for just a couple of hours so you can think straight helps you to reset so you can be calmer and more fully present when the kids return.


Bonus - guided meditation to help you relax 

I recently met Kerry Madgwick of Kerry's Natural Health Solutions to discuss the benefits of looking after our body and mind holistically. Kerry is a multi-passionate nutritional and energy healing expert, who coaches women with food and body challenges including low energy, bloating, lack of confidence and negative body image.

Kerry was kind enough to share her 7 minute guided meditation. Her meditation will help you feel much calmer by taking you to your happy place and allowing you to let go of your stresses.


My go-to healing crystal bracelets for feeling calmer


If you've been around here for awhile you'll know I love amazonite! But any warm blue, turquoise hued stones and crystals help me feel calmer. Checkout blue gemstones and jewellery here.


Rose quartz

Every one loves rose quartz of love because it's known as the stone of compassion, plus it reminds me how important it is to make time for self care. You can find a selection of pink gemstone jewellery here which include rose quartz as well as other pink stones


I hope these tips help you keep your cool, and be sure to share your go to methods for releasing stress in the comments below.

Inspiring you to take a time out
Chloe x


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