How to restore balance and harmony for June's first quarter moon phase

Chloe Crisp

The first quarter moon phase is about taking inspired action, but how do we actually do that when we're still easing out of the lock down and many of us are at home with our little humans trying to run a business (or work from home) and home school?


I don't know about you but this 'global situation' has definitely thrown me a curve ball. Following the lunar phases has helped preemptively navigating the ebb and flow of the new normal but taking inspired action towards my intentions has been more of a challenge, how about you?


Making the most of this lunar energy

So if today and the week ahead have amazing energy for moving towards our goals and making sh*t happen, but taking action sounds like too much of a challenge for you too, here is something to ask yourself which may help to restore balance so you can still progress forward.


Take a deep breath, and tune in...

Because the new moon in Cancer calls us to open up our shell like protection and review the deep waters of our emotional being this can be a sensitive, potentially moody bitch time. With that in mind I keep returning back to this:

Open up the shell, come home to the heart centre and ask - is this in alignment with how I wish to feel?

When any challenges, blocks, limiting beliefs, requests of my time, or additions to my load pop up I've been grounding my myself, tuning in to my heart and checking in with whether 'it' aligns, and reminding myself I get to choose how I feel - no one else. 


Moon musings for June's first quarter lunar phase


But wait! Where's my magic pill for balance and harmony?

Now this may not be the magic pill you were looking for when it comes to restoring balance and harmony (soz about that), but for me it frigging works towards evaluating how I want to react, which in a way does restore balance.


I've even used this when one of the kiddos is in meltdown mode and their meltdown has triggered me to the edge of losing it as well - yikes! So I've paused, in the heat of the moment, and asked myself to choose alignment because love wins, ALWAYS.


Take inspired action

Knowledge is power to fuel action so I hope this post has inspired you to follow your heart to alignment.

And comment below - did you find balance through being aligned?

Chloe x



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