How to spot burnout - 6 signs to look out for

| Chloe Crisp

My journey with Keshinomi has certainly had its ups and downs, which is to be expected when you're a one-woman-show AND mum of 3 little-ish ones.

At this point in time I've hit a down.


Riding high

I was super buoyed up the previous month: I re-connected with who my dream client is and how I wish to serve her, I then manifested a content strategy and an awesome content theme for the month. I also got all the content created and scheduled in a few days - I was feeling pretty smug until...

I crept into burnout and completed missed the warning signs.


The hamster wheel of second guessing

Burnout, coupled with slow sales has left me feeling anxious and fearful, my mind racing with thoughts of doubt - "should I have invested in courses, a coach, exhibiting at a festival", etc.


Cry and surrender 

I have finally surrendered to the fact that I'm in burnout, it took a week of not understanding where my head had got to before I finally got my head around it. Which was swiftly followed by a week of crying. This is the real sh*t folks.

So in order to help myself and my fellow female solopreneurs I decided to share this reality as well as some tips on how to recover - welcome to this month's theme Self-care for Burnout. Let's start by looking at some of the warning signs.


6 signs of burnout

  1. Irritable / impatient. When you're feeling fearful it's easy to lose it with those closest to you, I think this is because tolerance levels for BS are at an all time low and you have no energy for patience. 

    Ask yourself: Have I been short with my children today? Did I overreact at the slightest thing my partner said?

  2. Difficulty concentrating. That hamster wheel of second guessing yourself takes up much of the brain's processing power which makes it hard to focus on anything else.

    Ask yourself: Have I been forgetful recently? Am I able to switch tasks easily?

  3. Fatigue. Emotional exhaustion drains the body leaving you feeling like you're trudging through treacle, which is pretty tiring stuff!

    Ask yourself: Does my body feel 'heavy'? Is it draining to move? 

  4. Change in sleep habits. Tired during the day but unable to sleep at night. Seriously? WTF - I'm so tired sleeping should be easy, right? Wrong.

    Ask yourself: Have I felt the need to take naps during the day? Am I sleeping soundly at night?

  5. Unexplained headaches. Stress can manifest in the body as dis-ease so headaches may increase, as well as other physical symptoms like chest or stomach pains.

    Ask yourself: Does my body feel achy or stiff and if so where?

  6. Lack of self-care. If you're feeling unmotivated then self-care gets pushed way down on the to do list.

    Ask yourself: Have I brushed teeth / washed hair? Do I take pride in my appearance? 

This list is not exhaustive (sorry for the inappropriate pun - if you don't learn to laugh you just cry). However, it does feature the top symptoms I felt during my recent bout of burnout. 


6 warning signs of burnout


But why does burnout make us feel like this?

Stress and anxiety affect the brain by increasing the blood flow to it and releasing hormones and chemicals, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which are meant to help you respond faster to a threat by giving you a short shot of energy. But when we live our lives in a constant state of stress we spend far too much time with our body awash in these hormones and chemicals.

Stressor can be as mundane as getting the kids and yourself ready for the school run, dealing with a daily public transport commute or navigating a busy supermarket car park. These seemly little things all add up and keep us in the stress zone.

The 6 signs listed above are the result of being in 'fight or flight' for extended periods without resetting back to 'zero-point energy' - the energy that remains after all external energy is removed (zero point is a complicated subject for me to get my head around and then explain fully as it involves quantum physics - the nature of matter and energy on an atomic and subatomic level - say what now?!).


What next?

How did you get on with the 'ask yourself' questions above? Did any of them trigger something for you? I'll be following up next week with some valuable tips on handling burnout so make sure you're part of the #HighVibeTribe to get email updates.


In the meantime 

Work with Amethyst or sodalite to help improve your intuition so you're more in-tune with your body and mind. Amethyst is also very soothing and will help wrap you up in a protective bubble if you feel external stress is getting too much.


And finally

If you are going through burnout please don't suffer alone, contact me and I'll do my best to offer advice or point you in the right direction for professional help - if you want it.

Also check out my blog post 7 easy ways to handle burnout.

As always, be inspired, set intentions and practice self-care
Chloe x

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