How to think positively and feel more optimistic - a practical toolkit

| Chloe Crisp

The law of attraction is an awesome thing, it states that 'like attracts like'. It reminds us if we think positively, positive things will happen to us. On the flipside, if we're in a constant state of anger or sadness, we'll attract more anger or sadness.


I'm too busy to be positive!

This got me thinking... as a busy mum of three who works from home, I'm constantly in GO mode, my day sometimes feels like a battle to complete tasks and chores. If I don't tick everything off the to do list, or realise I've missed something, the feelings of inadequacy instantly kick in and the internal voice pipes up:

"Why haven't you done this yet Chloe? How could you forget to do this, it was really important. You're rubbish, you're a useless mother and an imposter business owner!"

If things just got a little too 'real' for you then this post in not for you. However, if this is something you can relate to then walk with me for while...


Hardwired to focus on the less-than-perfect

Why though? I'm doing my best yet I still feel it's okay to down talk myself if I come up as a half measure (imho). THIS IS NOT OKAY! 



Time to make time for positivity

Being internally positive takes practice, but it's much more complicated than simply telling yourself to BE MORE POSITIVE! How do you actually think and feel more positive.


Hey, Google...

Google Image search 'positivity quotes' and you're confronted with all the usual clichés: 'Good vibes only', 'Stay strong', 'Inhale courage, exhale fear'. But what do these really do for us? In my opinion they do nothing because they don't get to the core of being positive.


So how do you think and feel more positive?  

Now, I don't have all the answers. I'm just a girl, staring at my list of shit to do today feeling totally overwhelmed! But I am making a few small adjustments that are actually making a difference to the internal down talk. It hasn't completely quietened down yet, but it's definitely less dominant.



No but seriously, what's the answer Chloe!

So you want to know what I'm doing differently and if it could help you? Well, the answer is to count your blessing and big yo'self up gorgeous! I known it sounds like another cliché but it really does work! I perform a daily ritual of writing down something I'm grateful for and why, as well as a positive affirmation. Sound too simple? Sometimes it's the most simplest of solutions that is the best and most effective.


Here's my free gift to you

I've created a little 7 day mini challenge to help you get started with daily gratitude and affirmations. This is more than just a challenge, it's a toolkit which gives you the exact technique I use to feel and think more positively. You record what makes you feel blessed and you show yourself a little self love. I even include tips to help you get going.

Are you ready to join the challenge?


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