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Speak with confidence using colour

How to use colour to speak from the heart more confidently

Need to communicate clearly, with confidence and compassion?

You don't have to be an extrovert to communicate confidently! In fact, being an introvert can work in your favour because you're more likely to speak in a thoughtful, heart centred way. Here's how you can use colour to support your communication skills.

 "They were hanging on my every word" how to feel more confident when speaking


Embrace the vibration of blue

Blue hues  are mentally calming, can help you focus your thoughts and express yourself with confidence, but they can have an adverse effect as well. Light blue could feel cold and dark blue could seem aloof. This is because the colour will react with your energy.


Flow from the heart by adding a little something to blue

Turquoise and teal are blue with the harmonising effects of green. Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum so it's perfectly balanced which creates a sense of:

  • Harmony
  • Restoration
  • Healing
  • Universal love

  • Restfulness
  • Hope

The result of blue-green is a hue that washes over a frazzled mind with neutralising vibes of peace and revitalisation, it creates a sense of harmonious calm, perfect for when you need to feel like you've dived into a sea of tranquillity.


Blue-green colours for confident speaking

A simple hack for when you need to share your ideas with confidence and compassion is to wear a blue-green hue such as turquoise, teal, or aqua.

These hues will activate your throat and heart chakras (the centres for communication and love).

Go for lighter, softer hues, such as duck egg, if you know your nerves might get the better of you and need something to help you chill the F out 😌

Go for darker, stronger hues, like teal, when you want to show your authority, because you totally know your stuff 💪🏽


Crystals for tapping into the blue-green vibe

There are quite a few gorgeous blue-green crystals you can use to support your heart centred communication skills, a few faves are:

  • Amazonite
  • African turquoise
  • Genuine turquoise
  • Dyed natural stones such as howlite, agate, or magnesite

Crystals to help you speak more confidently and compassionately

Check out the Blue gemstones section of Keshinomi to find your signature blue-green stone.

Crystals for speaking confidently

Inspire good vibes with heart centred communication
Chloe x

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