January birthstone GARNET - meanings, facts and gift guide

January birthstone - Garnet

The birthstone for January is garnet, a deep fiery red stone which seems to ignite a passion from within.


January birthstone garnet, facts and gift guide


Garnet is a reminder to be planted in faith yet rooted in reality if you wish to grow spiritually. 


Garnet mineral facts

When people think of garnet they usually bring to mind a dark red stone but there are six main types of garnet, each with its own unique hue:

  • Almandine - most popular type of garnet with a deep red hue which sometimes borders on slightly purplish-red.
  • Pyrope - another red version of garnet, this gem gets its name from the Greek word for fire and eye.
  • Spessartite - a rare species of garnet, this gem quality stone is usually orange to reddish brown.
  • Grossular - comes in many hues ranging from green to yellow, brown to red, this variety of garnet gets its name from the botanical name for gooseberry in reference to its green hue.
  • Andradite - this species of garnet comes in 3 varieties: Melanite, black in colour; Demantoid, rare and one of the most valuable gems, prized for its green hue; Topazolite, yet rarer still, a gorgeous yellow-green gem quality stone.
  • Uvarovite - another green variety of garnet.


Gift ideas featuring garnet

January birthstone wish bracelet featuring dainty garnet tumble stones on eco-friendly hemp cord


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Garnet floating gem necklace on gold cord featuring a row of dainty garnet tumble stones.


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