Labradorite for third eye meditation

| Chloe Crisp

Do you give your mind muscle a workout? The mind needs exercise just like any other part of the body - especially if you want to keep things tight and right.

Peace yo!

Meditation with crystals that work with the Ajna Chakra (third eye) can help give the mind something to focus on that in turn builds a sense of peace.

Labradorite for the third eye chakra

Why choose labradorite? 

Although labradorite is a dark crystal, I like to think that its flashes of delight make it perfect for the third eye chakra, it reminds me to trust my intuition - it's more than just a 'gut feeling', it's guidance from above.

How do you keep your mind active and healthy? Comment below...

Peace out yo

Chloe x

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