Inspiring interview with Beth Goodrham. If she can, I can - part 1

| Chloe Crisp

It's a privilege to share with you Beth Goodrham's journey from her 'now or never' moment to embracing her fears.


Beth Goodrham, stylist, influencer and digital course creator

Number of years as an entrepreneur: 9
Number of kids she's juggling: 3


Chloe: What was your main reason for venturing into solopreneurship?

Beth: Although I loved my job as a lawyer, I had a “now or never” moment. It was either styling or nothing! Really the only way to do my styling work was to run my own business. So I guess that really I fell into solopreneurship – but I wouldn’t have it any other way now. The thought of having a boss leaves me cold!


Chloe: What have you found most challenging so far and how did you overcome it?

Beth: Oh golly there are challenges every day. I think that the biggest challenge is being in charge of everything – PR, marketing, finance as well as delivering the service/product on offer! I overcame these (and many other difficulties) by making changes in the way that I saw myself and the way that I approach things. I’ve had to do a lot of work on myself to face my fears and embrace them!


Beth Goodrham


Chloe: What's your most recent 'WIN' and how did it come to fruition?

Beth: My most recent win was writing and launching my course on Instagram. It was such a huge mountain to climb – not the writing of it but learning all the tech things, the branding, the launch, the marketing of it and nurturing people through the course. It was a huge thing to put myself out there but I am a much better person (and business woman) for it!


Beth's path into solopreneurship is a reminder of how there are always mountains to climb, but the feeling of accomplishment once you're at the top is well worth the struggle to get there.


You can find out more about Beth, her services and online course by visiting

...And be inspired by her always stylish Instagram feed here

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