⚠ New moon eclipse in Cancer - May cause truth bombs to explode!

Chloe Crisp

WOW wow wow lovelies, a new moon ECLIPSE in Cancer is here to kick off the summer season (or winter if you're in the southern hemisphere)


This new moon calls us to review the intentions we made last season as well as our achievements for the first half of the year.

Eclipses signify a juncture in life - a cross roads where you have the choice to change your life with one small decision.


For the time and date of the new moon in your location visit https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/


Questions to ask under the Cancer new moon

Before we can move forward let's do a quick review of where we've been...

  • How have you progressed emotionally, spiritually, physically or professionally?
  • What have you been putting off?
  • Where is the baggage you should release so you can move gracefully and lightly into the second half of the year and the new season?


Do you moon journal?

I've created the Keshinomi Moon Journal to help you get into the habit of decluttering your mind and journaling your intentions, I even have a free sample for you to try out.

moon journaling prompts

 At the new moon set out your goals or intentions for the lunar cycle, then ask yourself the prompt below for the new moon in cancer.


Diving deep into the depths of our emotions and learning to go with the flow

Cancer reminds us to think about where we've put up our strong hold as a form of protection to stop our soft, mushy insides from getting hurt. So ask yourself if now is the time to open up a little more and let the love light flow in and/or out?

That hard shell can sometimes be used as a barrier to protect yourself from yourself too, by hiding away from what's really going on in your heart's mind - so think about where you need to get comfortable with being real with yourself?


So, here's your new moon journal prompt - but wait, only read on IF YOU HAVE set an intention!

Once you've taken the time to set your intention for the new moon in Cancer come back to this blog post and ask the yourself the following question...

"Am I distracting myself with an achievable project because I fear my true intention is a pipe dream?"

...and be real with yourself, this new moon is all about breaking down that shell, coming home to the heart space and going with the ebb and flow of emotions!


Take inspired action

Knowledge is power to fuel action so I hope this prompt has inspired you to dig a little deeper with your new moon intentions.

And comment below - did this prompt give you the power to get real with yourself? 

Chloe x


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