This new moon journal prompt will take your intentions to the next level

Chloe Crisp

It's a new moon in Gemini today (or tomorrow depending on your location), and although I'm no astrologist I can tell you that this moon is all about communication. 


Which immediately brought the throat chakra to my mind, but specifically the connection between the heart chakra (our centre for compassion and good relationships) and throat chakra (our centre for clear communication and creativity).

While chatting about this moon with a friend she asked me how she could use the chakras to support her new moon intentions, so I created this prompt to guide her (plus you and me ;-) to get even more clarity around what we plan to work towards this lunar cycle.


New moon in Gemini


Do you moon journal?

If you've already got a solid moon journaling journey then you can jump on down to the prompt, but if you're just starting out with setting intentions or a complete beginner then grab a copy of the Keshinomi Moon Journal, I even have a free sample for you to try out.

moon journaling prompts


At the new moon set out your goals or intentions for the lunar cycle, then ask yourself this question which will bring the heart and throat chakras into alignment.


Your new moon in Gemini journaling prompt:

"What would happen if I used my compassion, creativity and communication skills to empower my intention?"


Ooo chills, right? That intention or goal you set suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Does it even still 'feel' like the right thing to focus on this lunar cycle? Only you can, and should, answer that - trust your intuition because it knows you better than you do!


Take inspired action

Knowledge is power to fuel action so I hope this prompt has inspired you to dig a little deeper with your new moon intentions.

And comment below - did this prompt add a new dimension to your intention? 

Chloe x



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