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November birthstone and meanings

November birthstone - Citrine

The birthstone for November is citrine, which is such a joyful yellow hue it really does feel good for the soul just absorbing the warm, sunny yellow of this uplifting crystal.

November birthstone - citrine and it's meaning


Citrine is a reminder that it takes determination to achieve your goals and is often used as a symbol for success, so why not wear citrine to help keep you connected to your goals with this variety of quartz as your visual reminder.


Citrine mineral facts

Citrine is part of the quartz family, which includes amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz and snow quartz. This variety of quartz gets it yellow to brownish colour from hydrous iron oxide.

There are 2 types of citrine available on the market: heat treated citrine, which is actually 'baked' amethyst; and natural citrine.

Natural citrine is less common and is recognised by its brownish hue of yellow, the best natural citrine I've found is Congo Citrine.

Heat treated 'citrine' is far more affordable and common compared to natural citrine. Heat treated citrine is usually manmade by baking amethyst (you can do this in your oven at home so I've heard but I've not yet dared to try).

Some naturally heat treated amethyst does occur, this is where it's been baked by heat in the Earth, sometimes by the process of natural irradiation. However, crystals can be irradiated in the lab to enhance or change their colour.


Gift ideas featuring citrine

November birthstone wish bracelet featuring citrine

November birthstone wish bracelet featuring heat treated citrine on eco-friendly hemp cord


Citrine floating gem necklace

Citrine floating gem necklace on gold cord


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