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Carnelian inspired affirmation - crystal meanings and properties

Carnelian inner fire affirmation

| Chloe Crisp
I have a love / hate relationship with affirmations. I love how they can help focus and stabilise my energy, but if they're not in total alignment with my current situation or state of mind, my ego quickly steps in to point it out! In this blog post I share a powerful affirmation, designed to keep the ego happy and empower you.
Affirmations for the challenges of #momlife

Crystal affirmations for the challenges of #momlife

| Chloe Crisp
As someone on a spiritual journey who does the yoga, the meditations, reads the books, and does the inner work, I often fall into the trap of thinking I have to be a high vibe mama, who has her mindset on point and is full of positivity. All. The. Time. But the truth is I do these things because ...

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