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  • How to restore balance and harmony for June's first quarter moon phase

    I don't know about you but this 'global situation' has definitely thrown me a curve ball. Following the lunar phases has helped preemptively navigating the ebb and flow of the new normal but taking inspired action towards my intentions has been more of a challenge, how about you? View Post
  • Crystal affirmations for the challenges of #momlife

    As someone on a spiritual journey who does the yoga, the meditations, reads the books, and does the inner work, I often fall into the trap of thinking I have to be a high vibe mama, who has her mindset on point and is full of positivity. All. The. Time. But the truth is I do these things because ... View Post
  • 3 practical ways to let go of tension - plus a guided meditation to release stress

    So how do I let go of stress and keep my cool during the long, hot (yeah right, let's be real I'm in the UK), summer break? With 3 practical ways to let go of tension plus a guided meditation, that's how - let's take a look... View Post
  • How to help someone with burnout

    I asked a dear friend who works at a mental health charity to share some practical tips on how to help someone deal with burnout, a stress related symptom which can cause poor mental health. View Post
  • 7 easy ways to handle burnout

    I asked fellow female entrepreneurs for advice on how they handle burnout, because if you're juggling the role of motherhood while being a solopreneur you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, you may burnout at some point and maybe more than once - here's what to do. View Post


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