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Carnelian inspired affirmation - crystal meanings and properties

Carnelian inner fire affirmation

| Chloe Crisp
I have a love / hate relationship with affirmations. I love how they can help focus and stabilise my energy, but if they're not in total alignment with my current situation or state of mind, my ego quickly steps in to point it out! In this blog post I share a powerful affirmation, designed to keep the ego happy and empower you.
Using breathing meditations for stress relief

Can breathwork help reduce stress?

| Chloe Crisp
Can using the breathing techniques learned on the yoga mat, work off the mat? Here’s a whistle stop tour of the MASSIVE internet tangent I went on to find out more about Breathwork - breathing techniques used to improve emotional, physical, spiritual wellbeing, and reduce stress.
Helping someone deal with the challenges of burnout

How to help someone with burnout

| Chloe Crisp
I asked a dear friend who works at a mental health charity to share some practical tips on how to help someone deal with burnout, a stress related symptom which can cause poor mental health.

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