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  • Crystal affirmations for the challenges of #momlife

    As someone on a spiritual journey who does the yoga, the meditations, reads the books, and does the inner work, I often fall into the trap of thinking I have to be a high vibe mama, who has her mindset on point and is full of positivity. All. The. Time. But the truth is I do these things because ...
  • Can breathwork help reduce stress?

    Can using the breathing techniques learned on the yoga mat, work off the mat? Here’s a whistle stop tour of the MASSIVE internet tangent I went on to find out more about Breathwork - breathing techniques used to improve emotional, physical, spiritual wellbeing, and reduce stress.
  • The intention behind the Into Serenity Collection

    Discover the intention behind the Into Serenity Collection
  • Each for Equal

    Today is International Women's Day and the campaign theme this year is #EachforEqual Which got me thinking... am I doing a good job of teaching my kids about equality? I have 2 girls and 1 boy, my hope is that they grow up to form a new generation that understands the importance of input from both masculine and feminine energies, but what does that really mean...

  • 3 practical ways to let go of tension - plus a guided meditation to release stress

    So how do I let go of stress and keep my cool during the long, hot (yeah right, let's be real I'm in the UK), summer break? With 3 practical ways to let go of tension plus a guided meditation, that's how - let's take a look...

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