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Thinking of you gift ideas while social distancing

3 thinking of you gift ideas

| Chloe Crisp
Let a friend know you're thinking of them while social distancing. While we're staying apart to slow the spread you can still let the special (but distant) people in your life know how much they mean to you by sending an inexpensive letterbox gift.
Affirmations for the challenges of #momlife

Crystal affirmations for the challenges of #momlife

| Chloe Crisp
As someone on a spiritual journey who does the yoga, the meditations, reads the books, and does the inner work, I often fall into the trap of thinking I have to be a high vibe mama, who has her mindset on point and is full of positivity. All. The. Time. But the truth is I do these things because ...
Using breathing meditations for stress relief

Can breathwork help reduce stress?

| Chloe Crisp
Can using the breathing techniques learned on the yoga mat, work off the mat? Here’s a whistle stop tour of the MASSIVE internet tangent I went on to find out more about Breathwork - breathing techniques used to improve emotional, physical, spiritual wellbeing, and reduce stress.

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