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3 alternative ways to use undated planner inserts

3 alternative ways to use undated inserts in your planner setup

If you have a set of undated inserts and are wondering how else you could use them in your planner beyond just planning your day/week/month, then check out today's video for 3 ideas to give you more use from your investment.

This works especially well if you have printable inserts that you can print more of as and when you need to.


Here's a recap of the three alternative uses:

  1. Undated Yearly: Perpetual calendar for birthdays or things that occur on a yearly basis (such as subscription renewals).

  2. Undated Monthly: An expenses tracker for direct debits, standing orders, or subscriptions.

  3. Undated Weekly: Children's extracurricular activities.


In the video I've used the Keshinomi Freebie Bundle of printable inserts for A5 planners which you can find here:


I hope this video gives you some inspiration to think outside the box when it comes to your planner setup and using what you already have.

Chloe x

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