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3 steps to reduce meal planning stress

3 tips to reduce meal planning stress

If you're looking for ways to reduce meal planning stress I have 3 top tips for you.

Now, meals weren't always perfectly planned in my house, I used to lose my cool at tea time when it came to figuring out what to feed my family of 5, mainly because I was flying by the seat of my pants without a plan.

But I've since got my planner game on and I've developed a few go to methods to help me stay cool... here's the skinny on three things that have been absolute game changers for me.

Note: you don't actually need to be a planner mama for them to work, you could just as easily use a note book, a wall calendar or your smart phone!


Save time by booking online

The first way to reduce meal planning stress is to buy your groceries online not only will it save you time but it will also save you money in the long run, trust me ;-)


Curate your own library

The second way is to curate a library of family favourites this will be your go-to inspo when you're too tired to think straight, which for many mamas is easily case if you also work a ’day job'.


Feed the five thousand!

And the third way to reduce meal planning stress is to pre-plan double portion meals... Say what?!?! I explain all in the video but essentially it means cooking recipes where you can make double the amount. In our house that would be Chili Con Carne, Cauliflower Cheese and Winter Root Vegetable Soup, just to give you a few ideas.


Watch the video for the deep dive...

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See ya soon Mama
Chloe x


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