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Filofax Malden: What you need to know - Planner review.

Filofax Malden: What you need to know - Planner review.

The Filofax Malden is a classics when it comes to luxury leather planner covers. With its antiqued leather in a line up of staple colours, a good selection of sizes, and exciting new colours that they release periodically, this is definitely a planner I’m happy to have in my collection.

But what if you've been thing about getting one but you’re not sure if it would be a good fit for your planning style or whether you’d actually like the interior layout?

Well in this video I’ve got you covered as I’m sharing my review of the Malden with a close up of the layout and what it’s actually like to use on a daily basis.


This is not an affiliate or sponsored video, I'm just sharing my love for Filofax and hope it will help those who are thinking of investing in a Malden 🥰

To shop the latest Filofax Malden visit check out the official Filofax channel on YouTube @OfficialFilofax

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