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habits of intentional planners

Minimalist planning for being intentional with your month ahead

I'm very intentional with how I use my planner, for me it's a tool to help reduce overwhelm and achieve more. And although I love to look at decorative planners, during this season of my life I need my own planner to be highly functional and therefore *almost* minimalist.

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But how do you use your planner as tool for being intentional with your time? Of course, by default it kinda is, right? We write out to-do list, book in appointments, etc. However, I want to go beyond just day-to-day admin of life (a human-doing), and instead add intentionality to how I use my planner as a tool to help me grow and flourish as human-being.

So, this is how I get intentional in my planner, watch the video then scroll down for the 4 habits of intentional planners...



The 4 Habits of Intentional Planners


  1. Actually set an intention for the month and write it down!

    This may sound basic but start the month by setting an intention. For example: how do you intend to use the next 30 or so days; what's your focus for the month in terms of your education, emotions or health; where do you intend on focusing your energy; who's the person you intend to become? These are great questions to inspire your intention.

    Once you've decided on your intention, write it down in your planner - preferably in a place where you can reflect on it regularly if not daily.

  2. Get your top priorities straight and schedule them.

    With your intention in place it's now time to list out your priorities for the month ahead, these are different from your intention. An intention is where you wish to focus your mind, where as a priority is something important that you must fulfil.

    I try to limit my priorities to just 3 things that I simply MUST get done, I set this limit because my aim is to reduce overwhelm so I can achieve more. If I weigh myself down with too many must do tasks I end up feeling like life is happening at me and I get frustrated.

    While writing out your list of priorities in your planner is important, you must actually schedule them in by blocking out time to complete them so you can follow through on them.

  3. Choose one personal development goal to achieve and plan out how you'll achieve it.

    Your goal is going to be different from your priorities. As I said before, a priority is something important that you must do, but your goal should be one thing you will do during the month that will help you grow and flourish as a person. 

    Your goal could be link to the development of your emotional, spiritual or physical well-being, it could be furthering your education or maybe it's a business goal you want to work towards.

    For me, my goals are always focused on personal development in one facet of my life.

    Once you've settled on a goal it's a important to mind map what it would take to actually achieve your goal or plan out your steps to reach it, and TAKE ACTION.

  4. Review your progress

    This is so vital to being intentional with your time and ultimately your life - taking a moment to reflect on what you accomplished and being thankful, reviewing what your learnt and where you could improve.

    I do a full end of month review in my planner, this is time where I thoughtfully answer those questions and use the information to get intentional with how I plan the following month. 


Tools to get intentional in your planner

If you're craving your own slice of intentionality then check this list of my fave inserts:

Minimalist monthly inserts with journaling prompts

The Keshinomi Month at a Glance planner inserts. They include sections that meet every single one of the 4 habit of intentional planners, plus they have a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that helps you gain clarity.

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Project inserts for planning and achieving smart goals

The Keshinomi Project Planning inserts are perfect for guiding you through the process of defining and achieving your goal for the month. They even include end of project review questions so you can reflect on what went well, what needs improving and why.

Available as A5 printable inserts here.

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