Keshinomi Wish Gems - Letterbox gift ideas

Keshinomi wish gems are floating gem necklaces and hemp string and gemstone wish bracelets, the perfect letterbox gift to let someone know you're thinking of them.

All pieces feature genuine 'healing' crystals to inspire good vibes and have been handmade in the UK with LOVE!

Helping you to #InspireGoodVibes
Chloe x

  1. Sweet dreamer - Amethyst wish bracelet
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  1. Inner wisdom - Lapis lazuli wish bracelet
  1. Fearless in faith - Aquamarine wish bracelet
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  1. Grateful heart - Rose quartz wish bracelet
  1. Totally blessed - Green aventurine wish bracelet
  1. Goal getter - Citrine wish bracelet
  1. Courage is a whisper - Carnelian wish bracelet
  1. Inner fire - Garnet wish bracelet
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  1. Mama to be wish bracelet