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REVIVIFY Your Life - Printable Journal

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Reinventing yourself isn’t about completely abandoning who you currently are to pursue someone you’re not. It’s more about drawing out a fragment of who you already are but perhaps lost touch with and choosing to re-connect with that lost attribute by turning up the volume on it! That’s why this journal sets the intention to revivify instead of reinvent.

To revivify means to revive - to give new life or vigour to.

This is your guide for planning how you’ll revivify yourself with journalling prompts designed to help you get clarity and take action.

It has been divided into 3 phases to make the process feel easy and do-able:

Phase One: Uncover Attributes
Uncovering the lost fragments, defining your attributes, getting clarity on your next steps.

Phase Two: Wardrobe Detox
De-cluttering, taking stock and creating an inventory for how you want to show up.

Phase Three: Bucket List
Defining what you want to see/do/buy to support you on your journey.

Watch the mini class on the Planning With Chloe YouTube Channel for 3 tips on how you can immediately reinvent yourself for 2023:

    Print on to A5 size paper or half letter sized paper. Alternatively, print the A5 with cropmarks version (A5wCROPS) on to A4 or US Letter size paper then trim to size using the guides.

    Check out this blog post and video for tips and tools on How to Print, Cut and Punch Printable Planner Inserts.


    Size: A5 / Half US Letter 
    Width: 148mm / 5.5 inches 
    Height: 210mm / 8.5 inches 
    Margin for hole punch: One side
    Ink usage: Black
    Pages: 28 excluding monthly planner page (requires 14 sheets of paper to print the journal excluding monthly planner pages)
    Format: 28 page journal + a blank, undated monthly planner page in 2 formats (Monday / Sunday start)

    Room for hole punch on one side except for the monthly planner pages which have room for hole punching on both sides.

    Monthly planner pages are undated and include Monday and Sunday start.
    Compatible with: Any A5/half letter size planner, organiser, folder, disk bound cover or ring binder
    Supplied as: PDF files for you to download and print