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Task Management Matrix - Printable Templates for 3x3 Stickies

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Paper Size for Template

While I was researching and writing a time management article about urgent vs important tasks I had a brainwave - why not create a practical tool to go with this piece. Initially a checklist page came to mind but then I thought why not a design to print onto stickie notes?

So I created a printable template sheet that you can place your own blank 3 x 3 sticky notes on and print a functional tool for your planner onto them yourself.

I knew the time management matrix was a must for this tool, just so it I could stick it wherever I needed a reality check for quickly sorting through my tasks. But I also want a some stickies that I could use on the go that would serve a functional purpose.

In this printable bundle you'll find a four different templates for printing your own functional stickies for task management.

Two paper sizes have available so you can print on to A4 or US Letter size paper.


Size: Designed for 3 x 3 inch standard sticky notes. A4 or US Letter page size templates.
Ink usage: Black
Pages: 5 (1 placement template plus 4 template designs).
Format: Template for printing onto 3 x 3 sticky notes
Compatible with: Any printer that can print onto A4 / US Letter size paper (instructions included)
Supplied as: PDF files for you to download and print