pretty pastel gemstone bracelets for spring

The Star Stack expertly styled by Chloe
Introducing Spring Pastels

This week it's delicate pastels for the win 🙌🏽 these tints of colour are perfect for spring, so let's start shedding those heavy winter layers in favour of something a little lighter.

There are 4 bracelets the star stack and two ways to stack them



Here's the line up of bracelets

The softest blue from Aquamarine
The prettiest pink from Rose Quartz 
Delicious lilacs from Ametrine (with hints of a light sunny yellow)
And Crazy Lace Agate for a touch of cool simplicity

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Each month Chloe selects upto 4 bracelets to be the star stack, she expertly combines the perfect colours, stones and styles so you have one fabulous stack - without the guess work!