Smoky quartz and hemp wish bracelet

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Roots Run Deep
Smoky Quartz Crystals and Hemp Wish Bracelet

Luxuriously intense but still down to earth, the Roots Run Deep wish bracelet features  brown earth friendly hemp cord with a stack of smoky quartz crystal zen stones, and gold accents.

Simply tie on your wish bracelet as you set an intention and wear continuously as reminder of your goals.


Smoky Quartz Crystal Meaning

The earthy vibes of smoky quartz symbolise being well balanced and grounded. This is a reminder that when you’re deeply rooted in your values you can push past fears and negativity.


Moment to Ponder

Are your values deep and meaningful enough to make you unshakeable?



  • The hemp cord wish bracelet is design to slowly wear away but should last at least 3 months.



  • Total length of the cord is 300mm approx.
  • Fits most wrist sizes from 160mm - 210mm (7 inches - 9 inches)



  • 20-30mm charm of crystal tumble stones (2-4 stones approx. but normally 3 stones per charm).
  • Eco-friendly hemp cord (wax free and AZO / lead free dyes).
  • Galvanised glass accent beads.
  • Plated brass/steel findings.
  • Sustainable card stock.