3 tools and tactics for reducing stress using breathwork techniques

If the daily stressors of life (project deadlines, juggling little humans and work, trying to squeeze in me time) have you feeling frazzled, you may find your body subconsciously breathes with short, shallow cycles.

And when you’re not allowing a full inhalation you start holding your breath in the high chest area WITHOUT realising, this creates even more tension and adds to the stress. It may even lead to shoulder, neck or back aches and tension headaches.

But by practicing the art of tuning into the breath you quickly release tension, improve clarity of mind and essentially free yourself from all the BS that is causing you to unintentionally restrict your breath.


So how do you 'tune into the breath'?

There are many techniques you can use such as guided meditations, apps or yoga, but I've selected just 3 quick and easy tools for you to try out right now to help you feel calmer - even if you think you can't meditate!

In this guide I share:

  • What breathwork is
  • Why the opposite of wrong is also wrong
  • 3 tools and tactics to reduce stress and help you feel calmer

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