Bracelets for mindfulness

Why mindfulness bracelets

The Keshinomi Mindfulness Bracelets symbolise a pact you’re making with yourself to create mindful moments each day. They’re intended as tools to compliment your daily self-care routine.


How do I use my mindfulness bracelets?

To work with the crystal energy wear a bracelet on each wrist:
The left hand is for energy you wish to attract;
The right hand is for energy you wish to radiate.
Wear every day for 21 days, remove for bathing/swimming.

When you put your bracelets on take a moment to breathe mindfully and connect in with yourself. Read the included affirmation and/or your intention cards.


21 days later...

When the 21 days are up you can continue to use your bracelets, affirmation card and intention cards, or try one of the other mindfulness bracelet packs in the collection.

You may choose to bury your bracelets and return the crystals back to the earth. Don’t worry - the hemp cord is biodegradable Pay it forward by giving your affirmation card to someone who needs a few words of encouragement.

I hope you enjoy using these bracelets
as much as I enjoy creating them