Meet Chloe - The Founder of Keshinomi

Chloe at Keshinomi


Hey love, I'm Chloe, wife and mama bear to 3 gorgeous, crazy kids. I'm a creative deep thinker, a spiritually seeking follower of Jesus, and the crystal collecting visionary behind Keshinomi.

If you're looking for meaningful crystals to help you tap into your inner inspiration then you're in the right place.

Through Keshinomi I use my crystal and colour psychology knowledge plus my faith to create affordable and thoughtful pieces that are handmade in England and designed to inspire good vibes.

Whether you're looking to send a thoughtful gift to make someone feel cherished, a meaningful treat to reward yourself or symbolic crystals to support your well-being, I've got you here at Keshinomi.

Be inspired to share good vibes
Chloe x

p.s. In case you're wondering where on earth the word Keshinomi comes from, well it's a Japanese ingredient - better known as poppy Seeds. Why poppy seeds in Japanese? Well my first born is called Poppy and I would LOVE to visit Japan!