Meet Chloe - The Founder of Keshinomi

Chloe at Keshinomi


Hey love, I'm Chloe, wife and mama bear to 3 gorgeous, crazy kids. I'm a follower of Jesus (yes girl, Jesus! Can I get an A-MEN!)  and the creator behind Keshinomi.

I don't like to miss my morning green smoothie and when I'm not being mama or working you'll find in an ashtanga class, at the gym or getting my sauna and cold shower fix.

4 years ago I was inspired to take a huge leap of faith. I left the company I had founded and I set an intention to follow my passion.

I didn't know then that I would be lead on a massive journey of self discovery, which has brought me here - creating this business that helps you feel inspired, uplifted and encouraged!


Be inspired to share good vibes
Chloe x

p.s. In case you're wondering where on earth the word Keshinomi comes from, well it's a Japanese ingredient - better known as Poppy Seeds. Why Poppy seeds in Japanese? Well my first born is called Poppy (wasn't planning on having more kids when I started Keshinomi - oops, oh well the more the merrier right?) and I would LOVE to visit Japan!