Find your perfect crystal quiz

Find your perfect crystal quiz

So many pretty colours...

Whether you're new to the world of crystals or have already started building your collection, deciding which to invest in can feel extremely overwhelming. Not only do they all look beautiful, but each stone holds a different potential to positively influence our lives. Some are known to be cleansing, some support us in times of anxiety and some are total mood boosters. However, as much as we may want to, we can't usually buy all of them at once. Trust me, I would if I could!


But how do I choose?

Having so many incredible and powerful stones to choose from is both a blessing (it means we can curate a collection that works perfectly for us) and a curse (it makes decision making pretty difficult).

It means that knowing where to start can quickly turn into spending hours on Pinterest researching what does what and which is best for you. And I for one am usually left feeling more overwhelmed than when I started.


Take the quiz to find your perfect crystal

To make this process a lot simpler, we've created this quiz, which will help to match aspects of your personality and lifestyle to your ideal stone. Think of it as a dating site, but without the awkward meetings in wine bars and that you're finding your stone mate, not your soul mate!  So, whether you're buying your first ever crystal or are treating yourself to a piece of Keshinomi jewellery, we can guide you through it.