Freebies and tips from Keshinomi

Freebies and tips to help you work with crystals


Crystals for beginners

If you're completely new to crystals then be sure to download the free crystals for beginners guide


How to cleanse your crystals

Check out the free crystal cleansing guide if you want to know how to prep your crystals (and Keshinomi crystal jewellery) for intention setting.


Steps to setting intentions

You might also find it useful to read 3 steps to setting life changing intentions if you're new to intention setting.


Do crystals really work

This blog post will also guide you on how to select a crystal.


Happy to do list

This list is just for fun but be sure to read the 7 ways to feel happier blog post that accompanies this download as it has some great tips that really help me to have a fab day.


Find your perfect crystal quiz

Find your perfect crystal quiz

Whether you're new to the world of crystals or have already started building your collection, deciding which to invest in can feel extremely overwhelming, but we can guide you through it with this quiz!


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