Full moon release and reflect cheat sheet

Hello there and welcome, thank you for your interest in the full moon reflect and release 'cheat sheet'. I'll be following these steps later this evening so I'm quite excited to share the experience!

What you'll need:

  1. Firstly, double check the date and time for the full moon in your location by visiting timeanddate.com
  2. Set aside 20—40mins when you won't be disturbed, schedule it in and set an actual alarm on your phone!
  3. Grab a pen (I love to have a selection of coloured biros)
  4. A few sheets of paper (ruled, plain, coloured - your choice) 
Extra bits but not necessary:
  1. A fireproof container: abalone shell, clean foil tray (such as from a takeout) or an open fire place, out door fire pit or bbq.
  2. Matches or lighter


The window of opportunity

You have a 24hr window either side of the full moon time to do the reflect and release ritual, aim to be as close to the actual time of the  full moon as your schedule (or sleep patterns 😉) will allow.

Now, I say 'ritual' but really this is just the practice of becoming aware of what our thoughts are doing instead of getting swept up or weighed down by them, plus we're using a lunar month to help us schedule it so it can become a habit.


The reflect and release 'ritual' 

Switch your mobile on airplane mode and pop up a do not disturb sign.


Take 2-5mins calming the mind by breathing deeply and rhythmically, I like to inhale for the count of 4, then exhale for the count of 4. On the inhale try to breathe into the belly so it blows up like a balloon - this is breathing deeply!



Next, bring your awareness to your heart centre, bring to mind at least 3 things you're truly grateful for that have ideally happened in the past 24hrs and that you literally can't help but smile or feel warm and fuzzy when you recall them. 

Try to stay with this feeling of gratitude as we move into the next step...



Let's reflect on a situation (just one!) where the 'first arrow' happened, if something is just too painful to deal with now then start with something smaller. 

Take a moment to think about how you reacted, writing down any negative emotions that come to surface.

Do your best to observe the situation and not get swept up with emotions by reliving it, if you do, quickly go back to the breathing and gratitude step. Remember Gabby Bernstein and 'choosing the next best feeling'. 

When you feel like you're done look at what you've written. 



See your unnecessary second arrows, and forgive yourself for firing them, you can even say to yourself "I'm sorry I fired theses second arrows at myself, I forgive myself and promise to choose wisely next time because happiness is a choice".

Perhaps you can now see ways you could look at the situation differently, dare I say, with positivity. 

When you clear out negativity you need to quickly fill in the void with positivity - I've learned this rookie mistake the hard way. So forgiveness, gratitude, or looking for lessons of growth are key.

Think up an affirmation or one word mantra, write that down on a separate piece of paper.

You can tear up the piece of paper with your 'second arrows', but I like to burn it, just remember fire safety! Burn it outside or over a sink (unless you have an open fire indoors). If outside have a bucket of water to hand just in case, plus you can dowse any embers at the end to be extra sure. 


Can your mind, change your reality

Stick the piece of paper with your affirmation or one word mantra up somewhere you'll see it everyday and remember happiness is a choice - don't get stuck in the 'I'll be happy when' rut. 

If it's a challenge to think up a mantra or affirmation then go with "I am worthy, I forgive, I choose to be happy". 

Have a play with this 'ritual', feel free to tweak it to work for you, and let me know how you got on!

If you forgot what the 'second arrow' is check out the insta highlights on my profile for a refresh. 

Also check out this great article from The Chopra Centre

Be inspired, to intentionally reflect and release 

Chloe x