Ready to learn how to use your root chakra to feel more grounded

Welcome to the workbook that is designed to help you assess how balanced your root chakra is.

When it's in balance you'll feel more grounded, more stable and secure, more in control of your health, wellbeing and money.


Who is this workbook for?

  • Anyone who wants to feel more in the here and now.
  • The person who just needs a few simple techniques to help them achieve a balanced chakra.
  • People who like step-by-step processes to follow.
  • Anyone who is feeling fearful, sluggish, ungrounded or an intense desire for more.

After completing this workbook, you'll:

  • Know how to bring your awareness into your body so can assess the state of your root chakra.
  • Understand whether your root chakra is balanced, deficient or excessive.
  • Have 4 key ways to bring your root chakra into balance.
  • Gain an easy way to consciously create your reality.


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