Mindful awareness and mindful breathing

Mindful moments ethos

To flourish in a stressed out world we must:

  • Pause, do less and notice more.
  • Learn to accept our thoughts and feelings without judgement.
  • Unplug from our tech and tune into our breath.


What's a mindful moment?

It’s a moment to put autopilot on pause, engage all your senses and experience the world using the body you’ve been blessed with.

Start each day with a short mindful breathing meditation

When you wake up in the morning I recommend sipping a glass of water before you do anything, this is to replenish the fluid lost during sleep. Then, when you’re ready, sit up straight in bed with both feet flat on the ground, or stand with the feet hip width apart, so you can take a moment to mindfully breathe deeply:

  • Slowly inhale through the nose. Fill the lungs. Feel the belly and chest expand.
  • Exhale slowly, out through the nose. Feel the air rush past the top lip. Relax the shoulders down.
  • Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Try to focus the mind on the breath and feel the earth beneath your feet. This is your moment to connect in with yourself.
Once you’ve completed your mindful breathing you can say an affirmation or daily devotional, then smile and say out loud: 

“Thank you for today!”