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From chic city grey to powerful black, find your perfect gemstone piece in this line-up of monochromatic Keshinomi jewellery.

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If you're looking for hues and crystals that make you feel grounded then it's got to be brown, cream, beige or any of the neutral coloured gemstones.

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This selection includes crystals that are deep reds full of passion, cool bright magenta reds that make you feel alert and slightly sassy warm orange-reds.

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Find all the energising oranges of confident carnelian, from fiery orange-reds to spicy pumpkin oranges.

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Emotionally stimulation and forever optimistic, sunny yellow will uplift your spirits. Find it here in joyous citrine and cheerful honey jade.

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The restful and restorative hues of green can be found here, from dignified forest green, to bright zingy limes, tropical amazonite to soothing aventurine.

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Whether it's the of calm of aquamarine, to turquoise for peaceful communication or lapis lazuli for concentration and wisdom, blue is the world's favourite colour.

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The softest lilacs to punchy purples, discover all the amazing hues of amethyst here.

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Find your perfect pink gemstone bracelet from delicate rose quartz to feisty magenta agate.

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Symbolic of clarity and purity, white hues bring mental peace. Find your moment of spiritual alignment in this selection of pure white, off white and crystal clear gems.

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