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Keshinomi Intentional Jewellery to inspire you to live your dreams

Ready to work with the energy of crystals to help manifest your best life?

Keshinomi Intentional Jewellery gives you an easy way to make crystals part of your self care routine.

Start here if you're ready to set your intention or keep reading if you're not sure...


Let me guess

You keep hearing about 'healing crystals' and how they are helping people navigate this thing called life, you'd like in on the action but you have no idea where to start, how crystals work, or which crystal you should even use - you feel somewhat out of your depth!


Maybe you already have a crystal (or two), but you just have it sitting on your bedside table looking pretty - after all, it is just a pretty rock, right?


But you keep seeing people using crystals for more than just decoration, so you're curious about how you can start adding crystals to your self care routine.


Imagine someone teaching you which crystal can help you with your current self care goals and showing you how to work with it.

That's EXACTLY what I want to do for you.

With just a little help from Keshinomi Intentional Jewellery you discover:


You'll be working with crystals and setting intentions like a pro in no time, plus you'll be on the journey to manifesting your best life.


The first step is simple...
Choose the intention you wish to set:


Protection or Grounding


Creativity, Passion or Optimism


Confidence or Success


Love, Joy or Peace


Self Expression or Communication


Intuition or Focus


Faith, Clarity or Wisdom